Police threats will not be tolerated

National Security Minister Stuart Young this morning sent a clear message to people creating and circulating posts threatening members of the protective services that such behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with within the law.

Speaking with reporters after the launch of an adolescent drug intervention programme at the Trinidad Hilton, Port of Spain, Young said he received a video of men firing assault rifles, with a caption threatening Police Commissioner Gary Griffith yesterday morning and forwarded it to the police, but confirmed that the video was not recorded locally.

Young said investigators have already made progress in finding the people responsible for the threats.

“It is a video that was created to instil fear, it is not a new phenomenon in TT. What I can say is as I chair this week’s national security meeting it is going to be on our agenda. I don’t want to say too much with respect to it because it is under investigation and we have some good leads so I expect us to be able to tackle it head on.

“I will like to send a message that this type of mischief, this type of attempt to instil fear in our law enforcement will not be tolerated and we are going to utilise all of our resources to fight this type of behaviour.”

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