Young urges flood victims to be wary of relief bandits

In response to reports of flood victims being confronted by bandits for their relief supplies, Minister of National Security Stuart Young said there has been an increase in joint police and army patrols in flood affected areas and a heightened security at relief shelters to prevent instances of robbery.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday morning at the Ministry of National Security on Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, Young confirmed that one victim reached out to him personally and reported they were confronted by some people who wanted to steal the relief items for themselves in the St Helena area.

Young said he immediately contacted the police who together with the defence force has begun an increase in patrols in the area.

“I can understand that there is a lot of frustration as Minister Sinanan alluded to, in some of these areas it is very spread out and there are not people on the main roads. It is quite an exercise to get relief supplies to victims, but I would like to tell persons to please do not take advantage of the situation. We are getting reports that it has gone beyond double dipping of relief supplies. The police were very quick in dealing with it, there was no violence or anything.”

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