Young promises more Police presence at public hubs

National Security Minister, Stuart Young has assured that police security presence will be heightened in public hubs and other places following yesterday morning’s earthquake after-shock.

Young expressed concerns about robberies at City Gate or similar places. This, following the robbery of a Guardian Media Ltd worker who was making her way home via City Gate on Tuesday evening around 6 pm. According to reports, she was among several people robbed at the same time at that location. Young said he would raise the matter with police, with suggestions on handling the matter in such areas with Police presence.

Young said he had been doing a tour of the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca when the earthquake occurred on Tuesday. He noted a social media post of a prisoner’s video showing a crack in the prison wall, adding engineers will be examining the situation.

Outside of Police Headquarters yesterday morning, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith—in tactical uniform—spoke about plans on handling the post-quake situation, and later informed that he planned to go on patrols last night.

Young said generally there had not been instances of untoward behaviour and police alerts would remain high. But he particularly slammed “fake news” that arose after Tuesday’s big earthquake. He said a number of voice notes, photos and memes had been circulated in a very irresponsible way.

“This is unacceptable and could have detrimental effects. In instances like (the earthquake) the country comes together—we are all our brother’s keeper. I denounce those intent on being destructive and doing this (fake news) at a time when people are anxious or nervous,” he added.

He cited photos by UNC activist Devant Maharaj of damage near the Roxy, St James. Deeming it unpatriotic, Young said the social media posts were irresponsible since they carried flippant statements.

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