2015 NGC – Collusion to Obscure Corruption

A previous exclusive published gave insight into the shocking revelations of a leaked National Gas Company Auditors’ report in February 2015. What was revealed were concerns by the company’s internal audit team, about fraud and misappropriation of public funds in the company that generated profits to the sum of $6.5 BILLION.

In case you missed it, read story here: NGC Blatant Fraud

Following the NGC’s statement denying that there even existed an audit, and questioning the competence of its own internal auditors, its former Senior Audit Executive, Claire Gomez-Miller who initiated the audits into NGC’s Corporate Communications Management, and NGC’s Procurement recommended that members of the audit team “stand prepared to take any and every action in the interest of their professional safety and professional reputation, including seeking legal advice and taking legal action”.

In a widely circulated 13-point email message, she points out that:

  • The NGC’s advertisement, “seeks to disclaim that an official audit report was issued to management and that the quality, process and issuance was not in accordance with auditing standards, leaving the reader to interpret that the Audit Team was unprofessional at best”.
  • “It is a fact that the Final Draft Audit Report on Corporate Communications Management was issued last year to the Manager, Corporate Communications (Charmaine Mohammed) for her review and comments, and this was done under the directive and approval of the Internal Audit Manager, in accordance with the Internal Audit Charter and the approved Terms of Reference (TOR).”
  • “A Final Draft Audit Report that has been issued to the responsible Manager for action (be it for their review and comments or for implementation) is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT BE IT A FINAL DRAFT AUDIT REPORT”.
  • “The Final Draft Audit Report will only be revised when the responsible Manager responds to the request for comments, providing any outstanding information, documents, and clarification for the audit team’s consideration.”
  • Up to four months after the Final Draft Audit Report had been passed to the responsible Manager, no response had been received from her.
  • During the audits, her authority as Chief Audit Executive “was wrongfully removed from me and transferred to another Manager who used this authority to promptly stop the completion of these two audits.”
  • The audits resumed nearly two months later, only after she sent a registered letter to the Board Chairman and the Company Secretary about the matter.

Thereafter, the National Gas Company, through its lawyers wrote Former Senior Audit Executive, Claire Gomez-Miller who initiated the audits into NGC’s Corporate Communications Management, and NGC’s Procurement, threatening potential liability “for civil or criminal proceedings”. It was demanded that she hand over to the company any notes, memos and documents she may have retained when she exited the company in September 2014. It also demanded that she gave a written undertaking within 48 hours that she will “not make use of” and also “prevent publication or disclosure or (sic) any confidential information which would have been received or made by “her in the course of her work by the NGC”.

Subsequently, it was also revealed that at the time People’s Partnership-appointed Chairman of the National Gas Company, Roop Chan Chadeesingh violated the rules of the State Enterprise Performance Manual, by serving as a member of the Board’s audit committee while sitting as the Board’s Chairman.

This was in direct contravention of a specific recommendation of the Uff Enquiry.

2 comments on “2015 NGC – Collusion to Obscure Corruption

  1. Claire Gomez-Miller on

    There is sufficient grounds to charge all parties for Conspiracy to defraud the Public Purse and Fruad on the Public.

  2. Camille Patrick on

    So what became of this investigation?Has anyone been penalised?Did the state get the money back?Wasn’t the position for Audit Manager advertised again in 2017?


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