PM Rowley and Minister Stuart Young apologize for “Sari-Skit”

“We have no difficulty and no shame in apologising to the Hindu community.”

These were the words of PM Rowley as he spoke to constituents at a meeting at the Malabar Community Centre in Arima.

The Prime Minister admitted he did not know about the Mahabharata which tells the story of a woman’s loss of her husband with scenes similar to the unravelling of the sari as enacted by the Tabaquite group.

He said when he and party members saw the dramatisation they saw it as an act of transformation, while “they” saw an offence against their religion.

“We have to pay attention to what our founding fathers taught us that the dignity of the human being is paramount in TT and if you offend somebody… you have to apologize.”

He condemned the “nastiness” of critics, especially the Opposition, for accusing the PNM of promoting rape and attacks on women.

Last Thursday, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar led supporters dressed in yellow saris outside the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair. He said they wanted to damage the party.

On Sunday, the Honourable Stuart Young released a statement via Facebook also apologizing for the recent skit performed by a Constituency at the PNM Family and Sports Day and its negative effects.

He said that he was completely unaware the skit had serious religious connotations, was disrespectful to the Hindu community and admitted that he was not versed in Hindu scripture and was not aware of the story of the Draupadi from the Mahabharata.

He further offered an unreserved apology to any and all who were offended by the said skit and also for his description of the skit as a “little bit of fun” when confronted at a media conference the day after the skit was performed.

In closing, he stated that he has never and will never condone or accept any act of violence to women or children nor does he see race and religious differences as negative issues and that he truly believes that every creed and race should find an equal place in Trinidad and Tobago.

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