Re-launch of TTT on target for month-end

The re-launch of Trinidad and Tobago Television (ttt) from its present incarnation as Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) is still on target for month-end.

CNMG Chairman Lisa Agard said, “We’ll have a board of directors meeting on Friday (tomorrow) so they will present us with a lot more details of the launch.

“I agree that there should be a teaser plan to kind of get people excited about the launch date. So we will discuss that.”

She expressed that there will definitely be a launch event and she thinks the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Communications Stuart Young will be present.

Asked about reports that the ttt logo has already replaced the CNMG logo on Facebook, she replied, “That was an error on the part of Facebook. Since then they have suppressed it until the launch at month-end.”

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