US $7.5 million upgrade for coast guard radar system

Last Thursday, National Security Minister Stuart Young confirmed the radar system used by the Coast Guard will be given an upgrade costing an estimated US $7.5 million as part of efforts to strengthen the country’s maritime capabilities.

Speaking at the post-Cabinet media briefing, Young said the upgrades were necessary to combat the influx of illegal drugs, guns and immigrants being transported to Trinidad and Tobago. He said this was his first order of business as Minister and was optimistic this would yield results, as the new and improved system allows officers to see incoming vessels from as far as Grenada.

Young said the warranty of the system has expired and it is now operating on a service contract.

“We’ve had concerns with how porous our borders are.”

“Cabinet has taken a decision to update the radar systems to make sure it is operating and we have also taken a decision to provide and be responsible for the broadband, the connectivity with the radar systems we have up the islands.”

“Trinidad and Tobago will now be paying for those systems to ensure we have the widest possible coverage with the best possible technology.”

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