Young expects to receive report from the Heads of the Protective Services today

National Security Minister, Stuart Young is expected to receive an update on the security landscape today from senior officers in the protective services, but declined to reveal his immediate plans for the ministry.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet press briefing yesterday, Young said he was wary of divulging too much information about his planned changes for the ministry, but confirmed he met with the heads of the various protective services earlier this week and was expecting a report from them on the state of national security.

He said with this, he would be prepared on how to advise and instruct the various services, given their levels of intelligence and information on crime.

“I am being very measured and very careful. I am not going to rush off, even at this stage, as Minister of National Security, to say what plans or what is going to be done.”

He explained, “At my meeting with the heads of security, that is, the acting Commissioner of Police, the acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, the head of Strategic Services Agency (SSA), the head of the Defence Force, the Fire Service, I asked them for certain information, and I have asked for that information to be delivered to me by tomorrow (today) so that I have a proper view of the landscape of both Trinidad and Tobago and what exactly we are facing in accordance with their information and according to their intelligence. At that stage, yes, there are certain things we are discussing in terms of how I would like to give them advice of how to go forward.”

Young said while he was not prepared to reveal his plans, he admitted changes were needed in the ministry and he intends to bring technology into greater use in the fight against crime.

On allegations of malfeasance surrounding his appointment to the position, Young urged the public to be cautious of their sources of information, as there may be forces outside of government with agendas.

He said despite the late hour of his appointment, there was nothing unusual about it and it was aptly reported by the Office of the Prime Minister’s communication department.

“I am fascinated that this has turned itself into a story, because I am not sure if it makes a difference as to what hour it was put out there. We live in a day and an age of 24/7 information coming and going, so I think the whole timing is nothing relevant. In my view, there is absolutely nothing sinister about it.”

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