New CoP Gary Griffith to work for $40,000 monthly salary

Incoming Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he did not sign up for the top cop position for money and made it clear that he did not ask for a $135,000 monthly salary.

“Further to the publication of erroneous information in a daily newspaper pertaining to the salary negotiation for the position of CoP, this is to state that the information pertained therein, and quoted as coming from a ‘source’ along with comments being stated on social media were completely inaccurate,” Griffith stated.

“Further, I have submitted a singular offer to the Permanent Secretary, and this process resides within the Ministry of National Security and between two parties, and further, is not remotely close to the contrived figure in the article,” he stated.

Griffith has agreed to work for a monthly salary of $40,000 and not $135,000 as was reported in another daily newspaper.

Ministry of National Security sources said yesterday that when Griffith was presented with a contract last Friday, he was given an offer but opted to settle for $40,000 which is below the salary of a government minister. The contract, which has been finalized, will go to Cabinet for vetting and approval.

Government sources said yesterday Cabinet will not reject the demands made by Griffith because they consider his request as being very reasonable.

Coupled with the salary, Griffith has also asked for a housing allowance and will not occupy the official commissioner’s residence at the police training college in St James. The house, which was refurbished in 2010, is in need of some repairs because it has remained unoccupied for quite sometime. Griffith has chosen to continue to live at his Moka, Maraval home even though he receives the same housing benefits as acting commissioner Stephen Williams.



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