Gary Griffith approved for CoP

Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith has been approved by the House of Representatives as the next Commissioner of Police.

19 Government MPs voted for while 13 Opposition Members abstained.

15 comments on “Gary Griffith approved for CoP

  1. Anonymous on

    The politics in this country is very complicated however, In my view I think the Prime Minister made a very good discussion in Gary Griffith.
    I hope they( politicians) give Mr. Griffith, their full corporation and surport to get the crime under control.
    Again well done Prime Minister Rowley.

  2. Mike Penco on

    I fully endorse the position of Commissioner of Police on Captain Gary Griffith. I am fully confident of his performance to get the job done.

    • Dwayne Eastman on

      Thanks to the ministers I hope that the ccp program will come back too to help the country fith against crime

    • Shahid ali on

      Griffith has failed as minister of he wants to try as comissioner he will also fail. Imagine he could not beat dulalchan phillip and williams. He will be a 4th grade commissioner.

  3. countryside on

    A very good morning to the people of trinidad and Tobago. First we need the discipline restore back into all the services of this country.the servants of this country have the opinion of they can speak to people without respect and so our youngones adapt that attitude.i stop here for now. Congratulations to you sir. Now I feel at ease.this country will now know what discipline is. Once again congratulations.and may god bless you and the country.hooooooraaaaay.

  4. Anonymous on

    Mr Griffith was an army officer and one of the things he will bring into the police service is discipline of which the police service lack. My hopeful view is that we will see him on d ground with his troops. Good choice to the government

  5. David Warner on

    Congratulations to you Mr Griffith. I have full confidence in your ability to make a difference in cleaning up Trinidad and Tobago.
    I pray that God give you the strength to overcome all the resistance you would encounter. Start by cleaning up the Police Service.

  6. Maureen Govia-Ribeiro on

    Congratulations Csotsin Griffith. Mr S. All what is your problem? Any body whose against has some problem with integrity, honesty and is not patriotic.
    May His bless you and keep your intuition 100 percent correct at all times.

  7. Reece Musgrave on

    Excellent choice…i congratulate the government for their choice and i hope mr. Griffith brings military discipline to the police force .

  8. Anonymous on

    The cabinet did approve Mr Gary Griffith and he comes with full credentials, no one could dispute that he’s suitable for this ” “Herculean task ahead”.
    I feel that together with all the key stakeholders and support, our country would turn around.
    Its also our present Gov’t/ opposition and to listen to the cries of the suffering ppl too.
    Look carefully at why Crime has escalated to this degree…..develop a holistic approach to Governance..

  9. Sydney jones on

    Mr Griffith, I want to say thank you for accepting the office and i know you will do your job with out fear or favour for i know you are a man of valor. Thank you sir.

  10. Eric on

    In times like these we need to put away political bias and put country First . I endorse Mr Griffith thank u pm Rowley let’s put discipline in our services

  11. Anonymous on

    Welcome or re-welcoming to serve this country once more, as serving officer I’m most willing to continue serving this blessed country under yuh command to put a dent crime and to earn back the trust of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, let’s do this.


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