Day: July 10, 2018

Where are they now?

Today, we remember one of the most corrupt and abusive Governments in our nation’s history. A Government which resulted in massive financial hardship on the citizens, as well as the reversal of a nation’s fortunes.

While in power, here are just a few of the individuals that should be remembered for corrupt practices, mismanaged billions, squandering, ill-conceived contracts, ineptitude, nepotism and unfinanced budget deficits.

Where are these individuals now?

Anand Ramlogan

Has been criminally charged for witness tampering but continues to be the UNC’s frontline attorney.

Roodal Moonilal

His name is on 7 search warrants for EMBD corruption and is named on civil lawsuits, that are trying to recover billions from contractors.

He remains Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s underboss in the UNC today.

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Glenn Ramadharsingh

Fired for sexual misconduct of the most vile and humiliating kind.

Returning him to a position of power, Persad-Bissessar appointed him in December 2016 as the Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation.

Anil Roberts

Protected by the UNC for his room 201 scandal and is responsible for what has been reported by the then Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith, as the single greatest engine of criminal financing in the history of the country- Lifesport.

Lifesport has been tied to the murders of Tall Man and Dana Seetahal.

He was brought back by Persad-Bissessar as a speaker to her public platform in October 2016, and said she would return him to the Senate.

Gerald Ramdeen

He was made a Senator in opposition, and is under investigation for the Prisongate scandal, as well as a separate matter involving a box of high court records found in his offices.

Jearlean John

Alleged in court documents to have engineered and facilitated the Eden Gardens $175 million land deal.

John is also Deputy Political Leader of the UNC.

The UNC Government was a kleptocracy run by a cabal that has only grown tighter in opposition.

On behalf of the people of T&T, the State has been tirelessly working to recover the corrupt proceeds of these contracts through the courts.