“We need a revolution in media and we need to start reporting the positive” – Young

Following the first meeting of the Lisa Agard led board- in the last week of July, Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) will be known as TTT Ltd, with a new logo which staff is expected to see from today.

Speaking with employees of the three radio stations and one tv station that comprise CNMG on Tuesday, Communications Minister Stuart Young assured that no jobs will be lost in the rebranding.

Young expressed that his focus is different from the former Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie’s plan to wind up CNMG and launch a new and improved TTT.

Young said the name TTT will be used but is not an acronym for Trinidad and Tobago Television, as was the case with the original TTT.

The reason is that CNMG also comprises three radio stations and the media landscape is changing so TTT will not be limited to television.

Last August, under Cuffie, a decision was made to shut down CNMG and re-emerge as TTT, with staff being retrenched and having to reapply for their positions. Cuffie stated that the reason for the closing of CNMG was low revenue and high expenses.

After close to a year of staff feeling uneasy, Young announced last week that the rebranding will not cause job losses.

He told the staff that he has a point to prove to Cabinet to take CNMG particularly CTV, to the top spot.

“We are not going to be a propaganda station. I don’t follow in anything in life, I lead. We need a revolution in media and we need to start reporting the positive because we are weighed down with negativity and the media has the power to change the narrative,” Young told the staff.

Young said while at the time no job was being affected the board will be looking at the viability of each entity as TTT Ltd will not be “carrying around dead weight”. He added that after the board meets that day both managerial and other staff will be looked at and anyone who is deemed to be “clogging” the way for profitability will be removed.

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