PRESS RELEASE- T&T maintains tier two ranking in its response to human trafficking

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago continues to demonstrate increasing efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

According to the United States Department of State Trafficking in Persons (TiPs) Report 2018, Trinidad and Tobago maintains its Tier 2 ranking.

The annual report acknowledged the strides made through measures taken by Government, including:

• Expanding authorities to collect intelligence on trafficking crimes.

• Creating new task forces on intelligence gathering and prosecution to increase law enforcement’s ability to investigate and prosecute trafficking cases.

• Government’s collaboration with INTERPOL on investigations of four potential trafficking cases.

• Increased anti-trafficking training for public officials.

The Ministry of National Security notes the recommendations made in the report specific to Trinidad and Tobago with regard to expanding victim services, victim identification and victim screening.

It should be underscored that significant work has already been undertaken by the Ministry’s Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU) which continues to give priority to educating persons on the crime of Trafficking in Persons. Sensitization workshops have been conducted for students of primary and secondary schools, school safety officers, school supervisors, officials employed in the hospitality and tourism industry and law enforcement officers.

The CTU in collaboration with other Government departments and Non-Governmental Organisations continue efforts in increasing public awareness on human trafficking, the provision of victim support and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Members of the public who have information on suspected human trafficking activity should contact the Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU) toll-free hotline at 800-4288 (4CTU).

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