Press Release- New TTT to be launched by end of July

“I am convinced that we can become number one in Trinidad and Tobago…it is incumbent on each and every one of you who are now part of the process to take up your specific responsibility and mantle, I expect that from you.”

That was the challenge Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs and Minister of Communications, the Honourable Stuart Young, M.P., gave to employees at Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) whom he met with earlier today to share his vision for the soon to be rebranded company. This was the first time that all staff were invited to a meeting with the Minister of Communications and allowed to ask open questions.

Minister Young wanted the employees to hear from him first, about the company’s direction and the future plans for the company.

The newly installed board has been mandated to launch the new TTT by the end of July. Employees will by the end of this week be given a sneak preview of what the new company logo looks like.

“Obviously we need to be viable. This idea that Government has an open-ended cheque book, if that happened before, fine; [but] it doesn’t exist now.”

Minister Young again allayed fears that the company would be shut down and instead explained that it will be a rebranding process which includes a name change from CNMG Limited to TTT Ltd.

He urged the employees to be committed to their jobs and ensure they go the extra mile for the company. He said the idea is to work towards the new TTT turning a profit.

“We would like to reach a stage where we are able to generate enough advertising revenue to reduce the Government’s subventions.”

Minister Young told the staff that TTT has a lot of history and the rebranding exercise has given them an opportunity to be part of a new chapter in that history.

“We must now lead a revolution in media…the media has the power to change negative narratives. At the end of the day, we, the citizens in Trinidad and Tobago look to the media for news so the challenge is, and I think one of the ways we can turn this around is, by showing the positives.”

Chairman of the board, Lisa Agard told the employees there is an exciting future before them but the challenge they face entails sustaining traditional media while growing digital media.  She said CNMG’s success will depend on the company’s ability to embrace technological advances and their understanding of how citizens consume their content.


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