TTT to be rebranded and vacancies to be filled- Young

The Government has moved up the date for the official launch of T&T Television (TTT) to as early as next month.

This was revealed by Communications Minister Stuart Young at yesterday’s post Cabinet media briefing.

“CNMG is going to be rebranded as TTT. So any previous decision taken or any previous talk about shutting down CNMG that is not going to happen. We are going to go and rebrand TTT,” Young said.

He is hoping to do this by July.

On Tuesday, Lisa Agard was appointed as CNMG chairman. This board, Young insisted was not transitionary.

“They are the board I expect to lead the charge and rebrand CNMG into TTT. In that re-branding process there will be a lot of fresh programming. They will change the way the broadcast is now. There may be two radio stations involved in this whole process.”

The line-up of programming will include documentaries and news and a new logo will have to be chosen.

Next week, Young is expected to meet with staff of CNMG to inform them of the changes that are coming.

Questioned about what assurances will be given to workers about their jobs, Young said he has asked for information which was still coming to him.

“They are still in the process of setting up a separate Ministry of Communications. I never give assurances but what I can tell you is that, right now from what they have told me, the initial numbers… there are vacancies to be filled.”

Last August, then Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie stated that Cabinet took a decision to wind up State-owned CNMG and restart the media house under TTT which was well known for programmes as Community Dateline and Panorama News.

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