Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government meets with Ministry of Education to discuss school repairs

June 5th, 2018– Yesterday afternoon, Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein and Minister of Education Anthony Garcia came together with officials of both Ministries as well as Mayors, Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers from the fourteen Municipal Corporations to discuss the vacation school repair programme.


As part of local government reform, the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has been pushing for the maintenance and repair of public buildings to become part of the expanded responsibilities of the Municipal Corporations. Minister Haji Kazim Hosein said, “The vacation school repair programme is the first step towards this aspect of local government reform that we intend to implement. All Mayors and Chairmen with the support of their CEOs have expressed their willingness and commitment to making this happen, and to ensure that all schools within their boundaries are in a state of readiness for the start of the upcoming academic year.”


Works have already been scoped by the Ministry of Education and it is seeking to engage the Municipal Corporations for drainage, plumbing and electrical repairs. Engaging the Municipal Corporations to undertake these works will decentralise maintenance and repair projects and allow for more timely and efficient implementation to ensure that all schools can be opened on time. This initiative is a part of the promise of local government reform made by this Government.


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