Dillon holds Crime Talks

Yesterday, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon called a meeting with acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, Deputy Commissioners of Police Harold Phillip, Deodat Dulalchan, Erla Christopher, Assistant Commissioner of Police Irwin Hackshaw and Divisional Commanders of the TTPS, in an effort to receive an update on the strategies currently being pursued at the various divisions in the fight against crime.

The Divisions with the highest murder rate were represented: Port of Spain Division; Northern Division; Southern Division; Western Division and Central Division.

The meeting served to clarify the support and resources needed by the TTPS from the Ministry of National Security and also focused on proposed strategies for the upgrade of existing technological systems to assist in intelligence-gathering and crime detection. Discussions also took place with respect to methods to increase synergies and information-sharing among networks consistent with the Government’s inter-agency approach to crime prevention.

Divisional Heads reported on the recent strides made in their respective Divisions which included:

  • Improvement in the detection rate;
  • Firearm seizures;
  • Surveillance and monitoring mechanisms as well as evidence–gathering;
  • Police Mobile and foot patrols as well as Joint Police/Army patrols in areas across Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Community engagement initiatives aimed at reducing violent crimes, gang activity and youth offending; and
  • Ongoing crime prevention projects in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations, International Agencies and the general public.

Dillon shared his strategic thrust in treating with crime and criminality, utilizing the five pillars of Prediction, Deterrence, Detection, Prosecution and Rehabilitation. He urged the Police Executive to also anchor their strategies along this strategic thrust noting the importance of the Prediction, Deterrence and Detection pillars, as well as emphasized the need to measure the effectiveness of current initiatives.

The Minister commended the Police Executive on the advances they have been making in deterring nefarious activities and apprehending perpetrators of crime and encouraged them to continue to pursue an integrated, intelligence-led crime fighting strategy.

He noted the Ministry of National Security’s efforts in treating with financial considerations for priority areas including the acquisition of new police vehicles and the maintenance of existing ones. Further, he reiterated that the Ministry continues to focus considerable attention on ensuring that the Police Service has the required manpower, access to modern security methodologies, equipment and physical infrastructure to carry out its mandate to make Trinidad and Tobago a more secure place for all.

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