MEDIA RELEASE – HDC continues eviction of illegal occupants in Maloney

In the past week, the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) partnered with the protective service and defence force to evict a number of illegal occupants from its housing in Maloney Gardens.

The evictions are part of an ongoing targeted programme by the corporation to address the challenge of illegal occupants in its communities. The HDC is resolute in its attempts to complete this process to ensure that families who qualify for and are genuinely in need of public housing, are able to have access to units.

In commenting on the issue, HDC Managing Director said: “The HDC always tries to exercise compassion and understanding for genuine cases. However, the number of illegal occupants has increased over the years and the situation therefore can no longer be tolerated. We will continue with this eviction exercise and subsequently repair those previously occupied units so that they can now be offered to deserving home owners.”

The HDC also intends to continue its efforts to convert holders of Licence to Occupy (LTO) and Rent To Own (RTO) agreements to mortgages which can provide the corporation with an estimated $3bn to complete other housing developments and provide affordable shelter opportunities for qualified applicants.

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