The EMBD Lawsuit

In October 2017, state legal proceedings were filed against contractors TN Ramnauth and Kall Co.

Following this, the rest of the gang was reeled in- Motilal Ramhit and Sons Construction, Namalco Group of Companies, Fides Limited, together with former Housing Minister, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, former CEO of EMBD, Gary Parmassar and EMBD’s Divisional Manager-Projects, Madho Balroop, for breach of fiduciary duties.

Here’s why!

In 2015, contractors were invited to tender for the work of developing roads to grant ease of access to lands in Caroni. The five contractors engaged in collusion with Dr. Moonilal and Dr. Parmassar for division of contracts amongst themselves worth hundreds of millions.

TN Ramnauth was then awarded the contract at $223,719,038.80 mere days before the September 7th General Elections. All contractors were paid a partial sum of $203 million.

Following the change of administration, the contractors invoiced the EMBD for balances owed and each contractor sued consecutively between April-May 2017 when no payment was forthcoming.

The counterclaim against Ramnauth encompassed dishonest assistance, unlawful means of conspiracy, bribery and damages and equitable compensation.

Text messages received from a phone used by Parmassar not only revealed that he was bribed with an HDC house to facilitate Ramnauth’s contract but highlighted a timeline of the conception and execution of contracts. Forensic work was also performed into the pricing of data of Caroni Roads, an analysis of tenders, an analysis of outcome using contractors’ lowest bids, an analysis of individually priced items in bills, an analysis of defective works, omitted works, over-certification and over-payment.

The Cartel Arrangements included:

– Inflated estimates prepared by defendant’s engineers

-Overstated quantities in the Bills of Quantities

-EMBD contractors had advanced sight of the revised, inflated, pre-tender estimates

-EMBD contractors colluded to agree, winning each of the proposed contracts

– No competitive bidding for the contracts

-Pre-selected losers adjusted prices to ensure unsuccessful bids

8 comments on “The EMBD Lawsuit

  1. D Vito Ram on

    That is the States money,it belong to people for a better way of life,not for their personal use. Set an example with them,it have been going on for decades now and now is being made accountable. We the citizens are being made to and allow ourselves to look like assses year after year! We far to an intelligent people to allow this to happen from since in the 60’s. We like it so! As long as there is corruption there will do crime. So if the country remain corrupt we always be a gutter society! Talk done!

  2. Anonymous on

    Lock dem up doh even put dem in the Amalgamated Van to carry dem Golden Grove tie dem back to back and let ride in one ah dem same Ten Wheeler Dump Truck with Soldiers looking over dem and TTPS escorting dem to dey Holiday Resort.” Dem Dam CROOKS”

  3. LD on

    Get on with the trial and resolve it one way or the other! Not like the Piarco fiasco still before the court after 12 years!!??

  4. Richard Trestrail on

    If found guilty throw the book at them. This should not be allowed to go the same way as the Piarco Airport fiasco adhere after all these years the culprits are using their ill gotten gains to keep themselves from being punished.


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